Heat Blocking Fabrics

We’re the first tentmaker to develop outdoor fabrics that shield you from the effects of the sun’s infrared radiation, in addition to visible light and UV. Our multi-layer coatings ensure the highest possible level of heat reduction with each layer addressing a different region of the solar spectrum.

By controlling infrared so effectively, we’re able to transform the characteristics of the fabric and the performance of our tents. This gives incredible improvements in heat reduction during hot weather without compromising on protection from rain, wind and cold.

 Note that some brands use fabrics with a silver PU coating, which can have a shiny metallic appearance. This can be misleading as silver PU is used to make the fabric opaque and does not reflect infrared heat. Although silver PU can achieve a small decrease in temperature, such tents still get very hot.

Why Infrared Matters

An Infrared thermal camera shows the difference in the amount of heat radiated by our fabric compared to those of other tents

The air temperature in an ordinary tent can become stiflingly hot, but even greater discomfort is caused by infrared radiation, which makes up over 50% of the sun’s energy.

Imagine stepping out from under a shady tree into the sun on a warm day. The instant heat you feel is not because the air is warmer a few steps away – it’s because the infrared radiation of the sun passes through your clothes and is absorbed by your skin, converting it into heat.

Most tents are virtually transparent to infrared radiation, and even those with opaque or heavier fabrics absorb much of the sun’s energy so the fabric itself becomes a radiator – heating you and the air around you.

Outback Logic tents are unique because they block an incredible amount of the sun’s infrared radiation, in addition to visible light and UV.

Serious Air

All our tents are designed with optional fan cooling in mind. Combined with our heat blocking fabrics, this introduces a previously unheard-of level of comfort in extreme heat.

Ordinary tents gain very little benefit from fans due to the intense heat and direct effect of infrared radiation on your skin, which overpowers any cooling effect.

Outback Logic tents don’t have these limitations because the fly blocks infrared and reduces the interior temperature to a point where quiet, portable fans are extremely effective.

Our fans greatly improve comfort as the sun becomes increasingly powerful during the course of the day. They’re also ideal for keeping the tent cooler when the doors are closed as you can keep light levels down whilst maintaining airflow.

Easy as USB

Our fans can be powered by any USB power source rated at 2A or higher, such as a portable solar panel or rechargeable battery pack (often called a power bank).

The fan power consumption is very low so battery life is very generous, but for longer camping trips a USB solar panel is a great way to run the fans continuously, so the tent is always as cool as possible, even during the daytime.

Our products don’t currently include power banks or solar panels, but there are countless such devices available at very affordable prices. They are also very handy to have when camping so you can charge other devices such as your phone or flashlight..