The world’s most versatile 2-person tent, using our most efficient heat blocking fabric. Desert-tough protection from extreme heat, wind, sand, dust, cold and rain.

Optional fans provide additional cooling for even greater comfort in extreme heat or humidity.

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We designed the Siesta2 to be the most versatile 2 person tent ever built. Perfectly suited to harsh desert conditions, it keeps you cool under blazing sun and warm on cold nights.

The fly utilizes our next-gen heat blocking fabric, based on 20D ripstop nylon, to provide the most efficient heat reduction ever seen in a tent. Unlike most tents of this size, it’s completely freestanding so the two vestibules are self-supporting.

The 20D 400T fabric of the inner tent is incredibly wind and dust resistant and all the mesh panels can be closed to protect you from dust and sandstorms.

Infrared Shielding

Our industry-first infrared blocking fabrics deliver an 85% to 90% reduction in heat entering your tent. 

The analysis on the left compares us to typical tent fabrics and also the leading alternative ‘heat reflective’ fabric.

Put simply, nothing else comes close!

Close to Ambient

The air temperature inside the Siesta2 is dramatically cooler than other tents, and with the fans or modest ventilation it will remain close to the ambient air temperature outside.

Air temperature comparisons are a great indicator of performance, but then don’t tel the full story. This is because in regular tents, infrared radiation passes through the fabric and heats your skin directly. This causes you to feel much hotter than the air around you in the same way that being in direct sunshine is hotter than standing in the shade.

Because Siesta tents block infrared ratdiation, you’ll experience the best possible comfort outdoors!

Fan-tastic Ventilation

Next level comfort. Optional integrated fans provide extra air flow and are especially valuable if you want to keep the doors closed for lower light levels whilst resting, or to keep the air moving in high humidity.

The fans work in combination with our heat blocking fabric to give exceptional heat reduction in the most extreme conditions.

Optimal Shade

Our tents block enough sunlight to sleep without being disturbed, but we use white fabric for the interiors and allow just enough light to give a sense of space and well-being – and find your stuff!

This is in contrast to so-called blackout tents that feel unwelcoming and claustrophobic due the completely black interiors.


Colour:White/ Silver / Disco
Capacity:2 Person
Minimum Weight:4.5Ibs (2kg)
Packed Weight:4.8Ibs (2.17kg)
External Length:88in (225cm)
Externa Width:101in (258cm)
Internal Length:87in (221cm)
Internal Width:53in (134cm)
External Height:45in (116cm)
Internal Height:42in (108cm)
Pole Material:8.5mm 7000 Series Aluminum
Number of Poles:2
Packed Length:18in (45cm)
Packed Diameter:6in (15cm)
Rainfly Fabric:20D Nylon Ripstop (2000mm)
Inner Fabric:20D Nylon Ripstop (DWR)
Mesh Type:15D Nylon
Floor Fabric:40D Nylon (5000mm)

More sleep. More energy. More adventure.

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