Who We Are

Outback Logic is a premium outdoor gear brand founded on industry-first fabric innovation that revolutionizes the performance of tents, so they’re dramatically cooler in the sun whilst improving protection from wind and cold.

Specializing in the development of heat-reflective and light-blocking fabrics, our mission is to help you get the most from your outdoor adventures by making heat blocking tents that enable great sleep, without interference from the Sun!


Outback Logic was founded in 2015 by Gareth Price with the support of friends and fellow entrepreneurs from Australia, the US, and UK. Gareth originally had the idea while camping in the Australian outback. Having traveled extensively in hot climates such as Australia, Southern Europe and California, he realized there was huge potential for heat blocking tents, and undertook extensive research, design and development to prove the concept and bring his vision to life.

The Siesta2 and Siesta4 were designed and developed in Sydney, prior to an initial launch in the US. In 2020, we’re proud to be bringing our range of game-changing tents back home to Australia!


Why Pre-order?

As a specialist manufacturer we produce our tents in small batches. This means they sell out quickly, so from time to time we provide pre-order options to help customers avoid disappointment.

Pre-ordering also helps us estimate demand more accurately and run a more efficient operation, which in combination with our factory-direct sales model, helps us provide you with great value as well as great performance.

SIESTA2. Compact. Lightweight. 2 Person.

SIESTA4. Iridescent. Includes Fans. 4 Person.